खुल्यो । खुल्यो ।। खुल्यो ।।   भर्ना खुल्यो । यस क्याम्पसमा  त्रिभुवन विश्व विद्यालय स्नातक तह व्यवस्थापन तथा शिक्षा शात्र संकाय तर्फको ४ बर्षे वि.वि.एस र वि.एड. कार्यक्रम अन्तर्गत शैक्षिक सत्र २०७७।०७८ का लागि प्रथम वर्षमा भर्ना खुल्यो । अावेदन फाराम धमाधम वितरण भइरहेको छ । समयमै अाफ्नो सिट सुरक्षीत गर्नुहोस् । थप जानकारीका लागि ०७१ ४००१९३ वा ९८५७०२६३८९ मा सम्पर्क गर्नुहुन अनुरोध छ ।

Yogyaday Dudhnath Tharu Multiple College

 Suddhodhan- 3, Ramawapur, Rupandehi


About Us

YDTMC is a leading institution in the catchment area near Butwal and Bhairahawa not only catering the need of the local students but also the students from Butwal Sub-Metropolitan and adjoining well facilitated areas. It is in the phase of achieving national and international standard of teaching learning activities with 'Local Institution in the Global Standard'.It first, released its halo of education with B.A & B Ed. program having 20 students and now, it has been flourished with around 600 students meeting its motto with the devotion of educationalists and social workers as well. Supporting the demands of the local pupils, it has successfully run the MBS, BBS, B. Ed programs. There is no doubt that the college has been the first choice of the students in the catchment area adjoining one Sub-Metropolitan and two Municipalities.


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Online Class

यस क्याम्पसमा अध्ययनरत सम्पूर्ण विद्यार्थीहरूमा याे स..



हिउँदे तथा दशैं तिहार विदा २०७६

यस क्याम्पसमा मिति २०७६।०६।१२ गतेदेखि २०७६।०६।१६ गते ..



प्रयाेगात्मक परीक्षाा सम्वन्धी सूचना ।

बि.एड. दाेस्राे वर्षकाे बार्षिक परीक्षामा सहभागी भएका व..



कक्षा सञ्चालन सम्वन्धि सूचना

बि.बि.एस. र बि.एड. दाेस्राे तेस्राे वर्ष साथै एम.बि.एस. दाे..



Entrance Exam Result

यहि मिति २०७६ साल श्रावण ३१ गते यस क्याम्पसद्वारा स्नात..

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Our Programs


YDTMC provides a revised and refined 4 years program offered and controlled by faculty of management, Tribhuvan University,  Kritipur,  Kathmandu, Nepal. The program is based on the principles that...

B Ed.

YDTMC offers a 4 years B Ed. program controlled by faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, Kritipur, Kathmandu. The main objective of this program are to produce trained teachers, education spe...


It is a 2 years programme, controlled by Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Kritipur, Kathmandu, Nepal. The objective of the MBS program is to enable the students to work as competent man...